RSC provides integrated DC power systems for telecommunication exchanges, cable, and microwave networks. Rawafid Systems is partnered with La Marche who has delivered customized systems to suit any telecommunication application for over 70 years. La Marche’s DC power systems offer high reliability, high efficiency, high power density rectifiers, DC-to-DC converters, distribution centers, and supervisory modules.

DC Power System Components:
  1. Charge Busbars and Ground Busbars
  2. Distribution Center
  3. Control Unit: Systems Controller with monitoring capabilities
  4. Power Equipment: Rectifiers, Converters, and Inverters
  5. Breaker Panels: Battery Disconnect Main, Breakers & Load Disconnect Main Breakers
  6. Battery Trays
  7. Cabinets: NEMA and IP Rated Enclosures & Seismic Relay Rack

La Marche offers Power Systems of multiple sizes for rectifiers, converters, inverters and feature loaded distribution panels (such as LVD, Ground/Charge Busbars, and more).

For the DC power systems technical specifications and further information, please contact us at: